Lear: That Old Man I Used to know

A young girl has run away to her Grandmother's attic, a space for forgotten objects covered with drop cloths and dusty time. When searching through a stack of old books, she opens one up to reveal that the words literally come alive off the pages as characters and creatures emerge around her and begin to tell her the story of King Lear. A classic story, retold through the eyes of a child.


Directed & Adapted by Beth Ann Hopkins


Louis Butelli* as Lear, Sarah Dacey Charles* as Gloucester, Pete McElligott as Kent, Aileen Wu as Girl/Cordelia, Noelle Franco* as Fool, Jonathan Hopkins as Edgar, Alex Purcell* as Edmund, Ashley Scott as Regan, Hannah Sloat* as Goneril, Vanessa Butler* as Cornwall, Kieron Anthony* as Albany, Christa Kimlicko Jones* as Mother

*appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association, Equity Approved Showcase

Creative Team:

Kelsey Vivian* Production Stage Manager, Assistant Director - Alex Purcell, Elliot Roth - Music Director/Arrangements, Sherry Martinez - Costume Design, Charlotte McPherson- Lighting Design, Steven Brenman - Scenic Design, Darin Hallinan - Sound Design, Tony & Sherry Leone - Magic Props Design, Ashley Setzler - Props & Paint , Gary Dolan - Prop Construction, Sarah Faber - Doll Artists @blackeyedsuzie_dolls, Black-Eyed Suzie Art Dolls

Promotion Photography by Chris Montgomery

Performances Photography by Evan Felts

Performance space for this production was subsidized by the A.R.T./New York Theatres Rental Subsidy Fund, a program of the Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York (A.R.T./New York).